Farkas’ Island Global Yachting Revolutionizing Industry

As a subsidiary firm of the privately held merchant bank Island Capital Group, Island Global Yachting is a marine real estate company that specializes in the acquisition, management and servicing of luxury-yacht marinas and the surrounding real estate.

In May 2003 Andrew Farkas, a successful entrepreneur and businessman, founded Island Capital Group and currently serves as the organization’s Managing Member, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. As a leading real estate merchant bank focused on real estate investment, real estate operational businesses and real estate securities, Island Capital Group owns controlling interests in several business which manage in excess of $180 billion of assets. Then in 2005, Farkas founded Island Global Yachting, a subsidiary firm of Capital Island Group.

As one of the world’s leaders in the marina management and waterfront development industry, Island Global Yachting boasts an impressively large network of properties in the Caribbean and Americas. From Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to New York’s North Cove Marina in Manhattan, Island Global Yachting has over 10 marinas that cater to a wide variety of vessel types. Additionally, Island Global Yachting is known in the nautical tourism space for its unparalleled top-quality service and management as the organization offers several services including, but not limited to, operations and services for marina owners to provisioning for guests.

As an avid sailor and yachtsman, Island Global Yachting speaks to Andrew Farkas’ lifelong passion. Redefining the luxury yacht experience with the inception of Island Global Yachting has allowed Farkas to combine his talents as a businessman with his lifelong hobby of yachting hobby.

In addition to the advancement of the nautical tourism space, Andrew Farkas’ success as an entrepreneur has allowed him to experience other ventures. Frakas first began his career in 1990 when he founded Insignia Financial Group, eventually becoming one of the largest owner and operator of multifamily real estate. Farkas’ lifelong achievements were recently recognized by Real Estate Forum magazine, as magazine editors acknowledged his work and as a major leader in the real estate industry.