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Looking back on 10 years of Island Global Yachting

Since 2005, Island Global Yachting has been a worldwide leader of owning, designing and managing luxury marinas all around the western hemisphere. Throughout the past ten years, IGY marinas have been providing a top of the line luxury marina experience in places such as New York, Mexico, and all around the Caribbean Islands.

Island Global Yachting have an owner’s perspective when helping marinas trying to maximize profits, return on investment and customer experience, all while maintaining a superb reputation. IGY also offers management and training advice to marina owners such as branding, development, financial and design improvements.

The Anchor Club program is another luxury added onto the IGY experience. The program allows members to be rewarded for staying at IGY locations. Members can gain points when staying at any destination and use these points for rewards such as electronics, clothing, boat services, traveling services and even donations to charity. The Anchor Club program has helped IGY create bonds with Strategic Partners and expand their network throughout the yachting industry.

To get a full IGY marina experience, your best bet is to visit the largest of any IGY marina. Located in Bimini, Bahamas, it is the biggest marina that Island Global Yachting offers which includes 94 Mega Yacht slips. The resort offers endless amenities such as casinos, a dive center, provisioning and restaurants to begin.

Andrew Farkas is the Founder and Chairman of Island Global Yachting. IGY is also an affiliate of Island Capital Group where Mr. Farkas is Managing Member, Chairman and CEO. In addition, Farkas is Chairman and CEO of C-III Capital Partners which owns NAI Global, a commercial real estate leader.

IGY Anchor Club and Bohlke International Airways Join Forces

A new partnership developed this summer for IGY Anchor Club, a subset of IGY Marinas, with Bohlke International Airways. Bohlke, named the Number 1 FBO in the Caribbean in 2012 and 2013 by ProPilot magazine, is now the go-to airline for IGY’s customers in the Caribbean islands.

IGY partnered with Bohlke International Airways because of their reputation for safety and comfort to flying privately since 1959. Because of the airline’s vast experience in the Caribbean, they have detailed and intimate knowledge of the islands and can provide private air travel in a variety of circumstances.

Bohlke agreed to the partnership with IGY Anchor Club because of their shared emphasis on excellent customer service.

“We serve an area where travel logistics can be complicated and happen on a moment’s notice,” said Sam Black, General Manager of Bohlke International Airways. “Simply put, we just take care of it and allow our customers to enjoy their time focusing on this beautiful area we have the fortune of calling home.”

Bohlke International Airways is the first private charter aircraft fleet to join the IGY Anchor Club. Bohlke offers the lowest fuel prices in the region, as well as maintenance and aircraft detailing, making the airline an ideal partner for IGY.

“With Bohlke International coming in as the first and only private charter aircraft fleet to join the IGY Anchor Club, our Caribbean customers can now benefit from a service that we have never been able to recommend until now. We are thrilled to have them join the IGY family and look forward to a very successful relationship,” said Bert Fowles, the Vice President of Marketing for IGY Marinas.

IGY Marinas is an affiliate of Island Capital Group LLC, a real estate merchant banking firm led and founded by Andrew Farkas.

Chelsea Piers Makes New York Yacht Life a Reality

Island living and city life rarely mesh. The last place you think about steering your megayacht toward is Manhattan, with its smoke and congested sidewalks and dark alleyways, right? Well, think again. Today’s post from Curbed NY interviewed entrepreneur Loren Ridinger about her new 100 Eleventh Avenue Apartment in New York, which is across the street from Chelsea Piers, where Ridinger and her husband dock their boats.

On the view of the boats from her building, she told the publication, “We can see Utopia II and Utopia III perfectly.” Celebrities including the Kardashian sisters and Eva Longoria have all been spotted aboard the Ridingers’ yachts.

Chelsea Piers is a set of piers located in the west side of Manhattan, and has been docking boats since the early 1900s, including the legendary Titanic. Today, the piers are used by the Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex, which includes film and television production facilities, a health club, a day spa, two basketball courts, a gymnastics center, ice skating and a golf club with a multi-story driving range. The marina docks both yachts and smaller boats.

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