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Paul Allen’s Trail Blazers Hopeful after Playoff Exit

Playing against the defending world champions in the second round is a tough task for any NBA team, especially when they set countless records in the regular season under the leadership of All-Star point guard Stephen Curry. After not expecting much success before the season, the Trail Blazers proved doubters wrong by making the playoffs, eliminating Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers in the second round, then to face the Golden State Warriors. That’s where Paul Allen comes in.

Allen met with the team following elimination from the playoffs and left the players with words some of them will never forget. Allen’s relationship with his team proved to be meaningful with his commitment to attending almost every game throughout the regular season. Allen has owned the team since 1988 and is known to have a season ending speech every year. This year was different.

Player’s admitted to tearing up while hearing his speech, describing it as powerful and meaningful. It’s truly showed to the players that his involvement with the team is not in any way fake and that he truly cares about their success. Even as the Trail Blazer’s seemed to have no playoff hope, Allen was still sitting courtside with them backing them up like a true owner should.

Allen also owns the Seattle Seahawks (NFL) and has part ownership of the Seattle Sounders FC (MLS). He has experienced the success that professional sports team can have when the Seahawks won the super bowl in the 2013 season.

Although Allen’s Trail Blazers exceeded expectations for this season but fell short of a title, there is clearly a special connection that the owner and team have. Development into a world title is the next step.

Allen Donates $100 Million to Biological Science

Paul Allen has donated $100 million in installments over ten years to fund the biological science industry. Allen believes that this industry has major implications for the advancement of humankind. The first set of grants will go to Stanford and Tufts universities for the development of new research centers and to individual scientists who have unique approaches to issues such as development of brain circuitry and gene editing.

Allen feels that in our current society where new tools can manipulate DNA and we have computers that can process large amounts of data, we need to be investing in bioscientific research. He hopes that by donating to scientists with unconventional ideas and providing them with the needed equipment and staff, he will aid them in reaching their full potential.

As a computer scientist, Allen has a personal interest in this realm as he thinks that science can potentially solve questions about life that to this day have troubled some of the greatest minds in history. He wants his funding to allow these scientists to take risks and have the margin for failure in hopes of eventually answering big questions like this.

Paul Allen’s philanthropic efforts have amounted to 1.5 billion dollars in hopes of understanding the confusing aspects of life and intelligence and helping find solutions to some of life’s problems. The Microsoft Co-Founder is definitely trying to explore some of these difficult questions of bioscience, and it is due in part to his efforts that advancements are being made.


Paul Allen’s Newest Conservation Initiative: Global FinPrint

As African elephants face endangerment due to poachers, the Elephants Without Boarders conservation project seeks to help with the survival of these unique animals. Philanthropist Paul Allen is spearheading the initiative to gain new information that is necessary to the species survival. As the progress of the ongoing two year project that started in February of 2014 is starting to show, there comes another conservation initiative geared towards the well-being of our oceans. Moving from land to sea, Allen’s newest conservation initiative, Global FinPrint, is set to launch this August.

Global FinPrint will be the largest attempt in history to survey the world’s population of sharks.  The project comes from the negative environmental impacts our oceans are facing due to the declining shark population. Sharks are a necessary part of the oceans food chain and reef health. If the population of sharks continues to decline at this rate, it could negatively affect the balance of the oceans health.

At a rate of 100 million sharks being taken from the oceans per year, it is essential to gather data that will help conserve these crucial animals. Using Bruv, a Baited Remote Underwater Video device, researchers will be able to get a close look at shark activity at specific locations all across the world. The focused locations that currently have data gaps are in the tropical western Atlantic, the Indo-Pacific, Indian Ocean islands and southern / eastern Africa.

Paul Allen, who was co-founder of Microsoft alongside of Bill Gates, is a leading investor, innovator and philanthropist. Global FinPrint is just one of several ocean preservation initiatives that are in Paul Allen’s portfolio. Smart Catch is another Paul Allen project that is designed to raise awareness and provide sustainable seafood to chefs and suppliers.

15th Anniversary of Allen’s Experience Music Project Museum

Smashing a glass replica Stratocaster Guitar and yelling “Let the experience begin!” is how Paul Allen chose to open his Experience Music Project (EMP) museum 15 years ago. Years later, we reminisce and recognize what this institution of musical history has done.

The pre-opening fundraising event in 2000 featured performances by superstar names such as No Doubt, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kid Rock, Metallica, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and much more. Around 700 guests were there for that memorable day. 15 years later, the museum has displayed 47 exhibits and brought in more than 6.5 million guests.

This museum not only helps preserve the inspiration for pop-culture, it also brings multigenerational guests back in time to see the history of this special kind of art. With Rock and Roll as the underlying focus for the museum, the EMP’s mission is to connect its visitors of all ages to the history of music using the exhibits, collections of history, interactive technology, educational programs and camps. Some of the highlight artifacts include hand-written lyrics and instruments used by various stars.

Sky Church is another unique characteristic that adds to the Experience Music Project museum experience. The Sky Church venue inside the EMP features an enormous HD LED screen, 70 foot ceilings and space to hold 800 guests. The inspiration for the Sky Church comes from Jimi Hendrix and his vision for all interests to experience music in various forms.  The Experience Music Project museum is 140,000 square feet designed by architect Frank O. Gehry. Gehry used CATIA technology to digitize a 3-D model that was a fundamental tool in the design process of the building.

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