Paul Allen’s Trail Blazers Hopeful after Playoff Exit

Playing against the defending world champions in the second round is a tough task for any NBA team, especially when they set countless records in the regular season under the leadership of All-Star point guard Stephen Curry. After not expecting much success before the season, the Trail Blazers proved doubters wrong by making the playoffs, eliminating Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers in the second round, then to face the Golden State Warriors. That’s where Paul Allen comes in.

Allen met with the team following elimination from the playoffs and left the players with words some of them will never forget. Allen’s relationship with his team proved to be meaningful with his commitment to attending almost every game throughout the regular season. Allen has owned the team since 1988 and is known to have a season ending speech every year. This year was different.

Player’s admitted to tearing up while hearing his speech, describing it as powerful and meaningful. It’s truly showed to the players that his involvement with the team is not in any way fake and that he truly cares about their success. Even as the Trail Blazer’s seemed to have no playoff hope, Allen was still sitting courtside with them backing them up like a true owner should.

Allen also owns the Seattle Seahawks (NFL) and has part ownership of the Seattle Sounders FC (MLS). He has experienced the success that professional sports team can have when the Seahawks won the super bowl in the 2013 season.

Although Allen’s Trail Blazers exceeded expectations for this season but fell short of a title, there is clearly a special connection that the owner and team have. Development into a world title is the next step.